“Without mission, there is no purpose” a very well said quote. At Prafful Group, we believe in marching on new path with passion to reach defined goal at specific time frame. There are certain missions being opted and followed by the Prafful Group.
“Vision gives you the impulse to make the picture your own”, Prafful Group, today is what the vision being shown by Prafful Group. However, Prafful Group is on its way to Vision in order to empower the brand through practicing business strategy and ethics.
  • To empower Indian Textile industry through providing world class fabrics at all part of India
  • To expand our horizons and explore newer markets in overseas as well as strengthen Indian Market
  • To explore an opportunity to optimum production and distribution capacity
  • To develop ready-to-stitch fabrics for its elite target group
  • To expand its various segments to attain maximum growth
  • To be accountable for society at large, government and an environment
  Gangaram Synthetics Pvt. Ltd.
Prafful Overseas Pvt. Ltd.
Prafful Industries Pvt. Ltd.
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